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The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards. If you think that your hand will beat the Dealer and you must make another bet that is double your original Ante.

This strategy can be complicated and does not lend itself to practical use in a casino. Independent and small casinos generally have the croupier shuffle the cards by hand. Then, look at the Dealer's one face-up card. The poker player and a casino owner changed the rules slightly to form what we experience nowadays as Caribbean Stud Poker. Eventually, Dane made a deal for the Nevada distribution rights with a company called D. In a major consolidation move Mikhon Gaming bought out Progressive Games and the Nevada syud company in

Basic Outline of how to play. The game is played with a single deck of cards. Ace is high, but may be used as a value of one as part of a Straight or Straight Flush. In Caribbean Stud Poker the optimal strategy player will raise % of . For every dollar bet, 71 cents goes into the jackpot and the casino. Caribbean or Casino Stud Poker was developed in the s by a man named James Suttle. Suttle would.

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